It’s Christmas season, and you still haven’t gotten your love a gift because you have no idea what, well I got you covered. These are five unique Christmas gifts to surprise her with:


      Surprise her with your cooking, go ahead into the kitchen and make her favourite meal. Now don’t call anyone to do it for you if you don’t know how to prepare the dish go online for help and follow the recipe give or call a friend to tell you the steps to cook it. Just make it yourself that matters.


     Ok, so lets set the place up, switch off the light, get some drinks and her favourite snacks and don’t forget the popcorn. What’s her best movie or what kind of movie does she like, get it and cuddle up together and watch it. Most importantly sleep before the movie night, giving her your time and love is everything.


      Make a playlist for her, either from all the songs you two have memories with or just the type of songs or artist she loves and play it to surprise her.


       Walk her through the journey where it all began with the both of you through pictures and videos. Take her through memory lane and laugh at the good old times.


       It is important to say those words in your heart, give her that speech, those feelings that come up every time you see her. Tell her how much you love her, express it and you could write it down to say it.


It’s Christmas time and a period we wonder what to get for the one we love either our boyfriend, husband, etc. Finding the right Christmas gift is usually hard, thinking of his personality, the cost, and so much more, don’t worry I got you covered. These are unique gift ideas you could get for him this Christmas:

1. A spa day

Men tend to be busy with work and hardly find the time to relax, so why not give them a spa day. Don’t be mistaken I didn’t say go to a spa I mean bring the spa to your home, be creative.

Now if you need help, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure it is at evening/night time
  • Set the tone from the bedroom to the bathroom, buy some candles, put on some music,  get a fragrance or an air freshener to give a lovely scent. You could do anything that comes to your mind.
  • Set the bathtub ready, or just a shower could do.
  • Do manicure and pedicure; this is optional
  • Most importantly give him a good massage

  In the process, please don’t be too serious, have fun, play around, dance to the music together while you’re at it.

2. Go out

Now I don’t mean only dinner like I said earlier everyone has their personality. So if your man is the classy type then go out for dinner, if he is the athletic type, compete with him in whatever sport he plays to have fun, you could go to the stadium or field. If he is the geeky type, then play games with him and have a match to add to the fun you could go to the arcade.

“What if he isn’t the outdoor type?” Well, everything mentioned can also be done indoors.

3. Say your vows

Words mean so much that we think. Write down what you feel about him, pour out those words in paper and read it to him, and if you could do without writing, then say it. Most times, we forget to say those words due to a busy schedule, but you could finally tell them. Words go a long way.

4. A photo album

   From when it all started to now. Print out those photos; you could put them in an album or use a photo clips string light which fit the Christmas spirit and hang it anywhere. For a lower budget, do a slide show with background music.

5. Yourself

You read it right, give him yourself for Christmas. Be the genie for the day, devote your time, ask him what he needs and you’ll be there. Sacrifice, time and love say a lot.