These three words always get me upset, but to an extent it is true, so I can't complain. My mother always told me the exact words every time I am making my hair and complaining that it hurt; she would "Beauty is pain", but then who beauty help. So no matter the tears, I … Continue reading BEAUTY IS PAIN


It’s Christmas season, and you still haven’t gotten your love a gift because you have no idea what, well I got you covered. These are five unique Christmas gifts to surprise her with: 1. COOK FOR HER       Surprise her with your cooking, go ahead into the kitchen and make her favourite meal. Now don’t … Continue reading 5 UNIQUE CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR HER


We all feel tired at one point when it comes to school. It's draining and stressful, but it's no reason to give up. School stress is a whole different level, class throughout the day, be pressured by your parents, teachers, etc., to come out first, we feel so tired about the pressure and want to … Continue reading 10 MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FOR STUDENTS


Don't forget to grab a tissue Well, guys, it's time to cry your heart out. You know those times you feel heartbroken or just in need of some love, well I'm bringing you some romantic movies that can cause your heart to melt. Crying is a good thing; we have to let our emotions out … Continue reading 10 SAD ROMANTIC MOVIES THAT WILL LEAVE YOU CRYING

5 Instagram Comic Illustrators that will make your day

Hey Hon buns, so guess what it is Friday Funday. I dedicated every Friday to give a form of entertainment, something to keep you company either movies to watch, novels to read, or even comics. So don't miss any Friday posts. Well, today is about comics and I really do think people should be reading … Continue reading 5 Instagram Comic Illustrators that will make your day

Virginity is still a trend

“They have forgotten their morals, the valuesThey hold their flower and with their handsBut crush it instead of holding it tightClosing their ears to the wisdom of the oldThey forget their home trainingThey forget their mother words“Your virginity should be secured”, they were toldBut now they choose to follow the crowdCorrupting their thoughts with the … Continue reading Virginity is still a trend

10 Tips on how to let go of someone you love

1. First thing, decide to let go2. Cut contact. Remove whatever reminds you of him/her3. Focus on yourself or other stuffs4. Show your emotions. Cry if you have to, punch a pillow when you angry.5. Start self-care. Treat yourself6. Talk it out with whoever you feel comfortable to talk with7. Know it's never easy but … Continue reading 10 Tips on how to let go of someone you love