Gandhi once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I’m sure when hearing this we all think big, I want to be the first doctor to do this, I want to be an entrepreneur, start a non-governmental organization or be the first to accomplish this. I wouldn’t lie those things are amazing but before we jump off to be all that let’s take a step and think of our we can be the change in the world by focusing on our little bad habits.

Let’s look at how we can change our little bad habits into good ones. Let’s be the change by actually changing the little things first.

I remember something I once heard “If you think it’s only the government in Nigeria that is corrupt then you are wrong, we the citizens are also corrupt.”

After hearing that statement, I went into deep thoughts and honestly it was true, I even found out I was among those corrupt people through my little bad habits.

Crazy enough I love this country, people will ask me why and I see all sorts of faces but I truly believe in a change for this country and I believe that change will be through our youths, through our habits, through the way we live.

In my view, I will replace the word “corrupt” with “bad habits”

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi

I will give a few examples:

1. CONNECTIONS: The first thing is the famous word “CONNECTION,” connection isn’t a bad thing but when used for the wrong reasons then it’s wrong. We all have a friend that knows someone or meets someone that knows maybe someone important and that is fine. Making connections will help a lot in life but if your only intention for connections is to cut corners then you have a bad habit.

2. SELFISHNESS: A selfish act is one that arises from a concern for one’s own welfare or advantage at the expense of others. It starts with the government because if a person on sit or in power only cares for his well-being then he or she is selfish, they need a heart for their citizens this is why some countries are not growing because many have a one’s own advantage heart.

Even as citizens we are to look out for each other, care for and help one another. For the county to grow we need to each grow which can not be done when you only look out for your own interest.

3. BRIBERY: It refers to the offering, donating, requesting, or receiving of any item of value in order to sway the behaviour of someone with a public or legal responsibility.

Charity!!! Put your money to good you for goodness sake, and do some good for the society or the people around you. Do not make money a shortcut for everything because you have it.

4. NEPOTISM: In other words, this is called favouritism. This is favouring family or friends, especially by providing them jobs, is a common behaviour among those with authority or influence.

According to a 2019 survey, almost half of those who were hired in the Nigerian public sector did so through nepotism, bribery, or both. Twenty percent of male respondents and twenty-four percent of female respondents admitted to paying a bribe in exchange for a public-sector job. Furthermore, roughly 16 percent of both male and female respondents got their position as public officials with the help of friends or relatives, respectively (Statista, 2022).

5. ABSTENTION: We all want a better country but fail to choose the right government. Abstention is the absence of a vote for or against someone or something. Without voting

I call all these little bad habits, sometimes we are not aware that we have them but when viewed and thought about closely we will see if we could just stop them then we can be the change we want to see in our world.

So dear viewers,

Shall we take on our lens and discuss our little bad habits, those things we do but don’t seem like a big issue but when changed can make a huge difference.


Like every teacher will start by first defining the term habits?

Habits are the little things we do frequently that become a part of our daily. It is a pattern of behaviour that is done on a regular basis and usually happens unconsciously.

According to the American Journal of Psychology, habit can be defined as a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.”

Your change doesn’t have to be huge; the little habits make a big difference in this case a big change

So what are those little habits that you could change start with the little habits and correct the bad ones as well?

Here are some familiar little bad habits (LBH)

Bad habits
  1. CUTTING QUEUES: This habit is one that irritates me, instead of standing like everyone else just because you have connections or because you are a big person in society doesn’t give you the right to cut the queue. No one is above the law or norms of the society and orderliness is not a crime or a big deal.

Countries grow and walk-in orderliness, why should ours be different. Have you seen the difference between an international airport when you arrive and Nigeria’s airport when you arrive because the difference is so clear and it is what I call “orderliness”?

So when next you see a queue, stay behind the last person you see, this little habit can create a better tomorrow.

  1. NOSE PICKING: NEVER SHOULD YOU EVER, PLEASE! This habit is both irritable to see but also indecent as an individual. I understand the nose itches a lot but doesn’t call for such behaviour. You can excuse yourself to the restroom or carry a handkerchief along with you to cover yourself or use instead of your hands.
  1. NAIL-BITING: DROP YOUR HANDS! Stop chewing your hands because that is what it looks like, I know it is not easy to stop something when it is already a habit but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. You don’t need to keep your nails, you can carry a mini manicure set to help you with your nails instead of using your teeth.
  1. SMOKING: SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG! Even the ads you see mention it, so why do it, why reduce your length of life you ain’t no cat, you do not have nine lives.
  1. EXCESSIVE DRINKING: SOMEONE ONCE SAID, “DRINKING ISN’T THE PROBLEM, EXCESSIVENESS IS!” Being modest when drinking is good for both your health and well-being, do not allow yourself to drink pass your limit.
  1. OVERTHINKING: AS MUCH AS THINKING IS GOOD, OVERTHINKING ISN’T! Thinking is required of every human being but the moment you start to worry and stress yourself about things you can not control then it is bad. Do not over analyse everything.
  1. FARTING: PLEASE STOP, LET’S BREATHE IN AND OUT GOOD AIR! I have nothing much to say here because we just shouldn’t be doing this publicly. Excuse yourself and go to the restroom.

I could list a ton of little bad habits but that isn’t the purpose of my writing, I want us to reflect and think of what are those things we do




  1. HAVE AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER: An accountability partner is someone who checks on some areas of your life that needs control or help. It is good to have someone to monitor and maintain your habits by allowing them know your bad habits and the good habits you want to replace them with.

Your accountability partner will help you discipline yourself and build better behaviour. For example, if you have a shopping habit (shopaholic) and need help to control the way you spend your accountability partner will be in charge of tracking your expense, or checking if the things you bought are needed and if not return them.

Everyone needs an accountability partner but no matter what make sure your partner is someone you trust or close to which will be better to share personal matters or habits. Do not give this responsibility that will use this bad habit against your or will tell someone about your issue or make your situation worst, take your time to find the right person for the job.



Hey beautiful ladies, I am here to talk about our survival kit,

What is a lady survival kit? There are essential equipment that a lady needs in their purse to survive in an emergency.

There are lifesavers and we often tend not to have them in our purse which I suggest a change from now on. So this are the first five kit:

1. PAD

The first necessity. Even though you know when your period might start next, you always need to prepare and put two pairs in your purse. I use the “FLO” app and it’s a period tracker, ovulation calendar and pregnancy app and it helps a lot, but even with the app I carry the pairs in my purse.

Now you wonder why two, why not one? Well, you got to be there for your fellow ladies in times of needs.

So, after you use the restroom or go from one place to another or you were rushing somewhere and forgot to spray at home, you apply it on your body. Trust me; it turns head.


So, I am a total perfume lover and I can’t do without. Every lady needs to add this up, and now I don’t mean a huge bottle, you can get those little oil perfume, there are portable and last long.


A friend once told me I don’t apply enough lip gloss, that if I use it well, I’ll get men to stare at my lips making them want it. Lol, she reads a lot of novels, but I tested the theory and she was right.

Now that being aside, every lady needs to revamp and hydrate their lips. Licking your lips isn’t feminine nor the right thing to do. Keep your lips hydrated.


Do you know if you stay hours without talking and open your mouth, it stinks a little? Yh, the mint gum totally helps in that case or after a long day at the desk and you about to have a meeting, the mint got you covered. Another amazing silly scenario is when you want to talk to your crush, boyfriend/girlfriend, or whoever, you have to make every breath count when you’re with them literally.


Yes, ladies in one stage or another we needed this to save us from either a loose button or a small rip in the dress whatever. Having a safety pin has been a huge lifesaver and I will advise we have two or three in our purse/bag.


Why not make yourself look good and save money at the same time. Here are 5 beauty hacks that are 100 percent natural and can be made at the comfort of your home.


Pour an egg white into a bowl and a tablespoon of honey and mix. Apply to skin with a cotton pad. Leave it on until it for 10 to 15minutes, then rinse it off. It helps in preventing breakout and clears acne.


Mix the one tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of olive oil (or any natural oil of your choice). Mix properly. Apply to lips with fingertips and massage the lips for 3 to 4 minutes. Rinse with water and dry. It helps remove dead skin and keeps it softer and moisturize.


Take a cucumber from the fridge, cut it into slices. Apply two pieces on both eyes, make sure the dar circle area is covered. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse. Rest on the bed or couch when doing it. It helps for dark circles, tired or puffiness of the eyes.


Mix castor oil, avocado oil and coconut oil and then apply to hair. The castor helps for hair growth, the avocado oil helps for nourishment, and the coconut oil helps as conditioning. They help in hair growth.


Use either shea butter or coconut oil. Apply on the area and massage for 5-10 minutes. Do it every day before going to bed.