“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” (John 8:7 NLT)

I remember sitting quietly in church one day, and I saw a lady just like me sitting down, but she wore a short skirt, her top had holes, and she didn’t wear a bra everything revealed.

 As I observed her, I saw a woman approach her and telling her to leave and wear something better that she was in the presence of the Lord.

The woman began to shout, the congregation turned and wondered what was going on. Before I knew it, I heard whispers; I heard things like “why will she come here like that”, “the woman is doing the right thing, look at her” I could go on

I saw the lady leave the church that day and then I began to wonder, what if she was in pain and the only place she thought of going was the church, or what if that day she was ready to give her life to Christ and stop the past, or what if she was in danger and the church was her hiding place.

One thing that came to my mind that day as she walked out of the church was that “a soul was lost.”

I don’t know who need to hear this, but the unsaved live matter

Mattew 7:1 (NLT) “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.”

Don’t judge; instead love. In this case, if the woman walked up to the girl and talked to her like a mother, hugged her, things might be better. The woman could have checked on her daily and you never know God can turn her heart around and she will change.

“SHOW LOVE!” Do not lose a soul, don’t think you are too righteous then act irritated by those that don’t have knowledge on the word of God’

Don’t keep only godly people and care only for those that believe in Christ. If you see someone that doesn’t know Christ, don’t go and quote scriptures and tell them they will go to hell, stop it and start with love. Christ started with that, and He loved us (John3:16)

I know they said the people you have around you affect or influence you, but that doesn’t mean you will not keep those unsaved close. So don’t let them change you; influence them with the way you live and you can still have those good friends around to affect you and keep you in check.


35 For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. 36 I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’

37 “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? 39 When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters,[a] you were doing it to me!’

That girl was a stranger, but the woman didn’t invite her home (the church)

Remember the lost sheep out there, some may not know much, some are looking for someone to show them the way. That’s one of your duties as Christians to bring them to Christ, show them the same love Christ showed us when He died for us.

Read this story and remember this statement “WHAT WILL JESUS DO?”


I want to tell you the tale of what happened to my Valentine, his bravery has to be told, and the Emperor’s wickedness needs to be known, but I think he is doing a good job showing it already.

Before I speak of my husband’s death, I would want to share with you our letters we write to each other everyday. He was no monster; his only fault was loving me.

Now this was among the first letters of our trouble days when we learnt of the rule of Emperor Claudia

My dear Emily, Emperor Claudia has enforced a law that restricts me from being with you, he claims we young men need no woman and has banned marriage. He thinks a wife would distract us during our service but my love he doesn’t know my strength is from the thought of you everyday. I now have to serve as a soldier, but before I leave, I know a man who performs secret ceremonies and I want to know you are mine forever.


My love valentine, I don’t think it’s safe we go on seeing each other. I can’t risk the fact of losing you, Emperor Claudius is a wicked man, and he will have no mercy on you if you get caught for disobeying him. I am not worth this; I can’t watch you die.


Your heart is so kind-hearted and sweet, that is why I love you more each passing day. You don’t need to worry about my death because it wouldn’t happen, I’ll be by your side till we get old. We wouldn’t get caught because we send letters secretly each day and meet at the hours when everyone sleeps. Your only worry should be what to wear for the ceremony.


Days passed and it was a day before the ceremony, just like always my Valentine would have written me a letter by now and left it under a plank in a location I best keep a secret, but I haven’t heard from him.

Was he too scared to marry me, maybe he was caught on the way, the thoughts killed me.

I went back to the location to check again, on my way I was dragged by a hand to a dark corner and I saw him, my Valentine. He told me he had to see me before the ceremony. He took the risk to see me during the day just to encourage me everything would be fine.

As long as I was concerned, no man was as brave as my Valentine. We didn’t meet till the day of the ceremony, but we never forgot to send letters. Later at night, we did our usual ritual.

My dear Emily, tomorrow you will finally be mine forever and I will be the luckiest man in the town. If not for the rules I would have shouted your name out loud and made it known to everyone in town that you are mine. Oh, how I can’t wait to call you my wife. I know how much you wanted the ceremony in the church, so I found a way to make it possible. At 11 pm, meet me at the St. Michael catholic church in the basement, the priest will be there.


Oh, my courageous love, I can’t wait to call you mine too. I will wear a simple white dress, it is still sad I can’t wear a wedding dress, but it doesn’t matter when the man I am getting married to is you.


At 11 pm I got dressed and wore a coat to cover my dress and avoid suspicion. I went down the basement of the chapel and saw my Valentine, as dashing as ever. The priest was also there, so we had no time to waste and hurried to finish the ceremony to have time to ourselves before the sunrises.

I will cut the story short because it’s a brief tale. We planned to leave that forsaken town a week after if only we knew what will happen next we would have gone immediately we said: “I do”.

Five days after the ceremony, my husband was arrested, how I found out wasn’t pleasing. I went in search of food and saw people gathered around, I asked what was happening, and a man told me “the priest that marries lovers secretly has been caught”.

I was sad because he married my Valentine and me. I went forward to say my last thank you, only to see my Valentine on the stocks awaiting his execution.

I began to cry and knelt before him and asked what happened, he told me that the priest that wedded us is also named “Valentine“. I wasn’t shocked because Valentine was a common name around here that’s why I always say “my valentine” but even at that what happened, why the mix-up.

He told me someone saw him go into chapel one night, which I knew was the day we wedded and later reported to the Emperor. I was angry, and the tear kept flowing then I asked him “Why would some do this, why didn’t he say he wasn’t the one,” my thoughts kept racing.

You wouldn’t believe what my husband told me. He said he was protecting the priest and also me.

If he said he wasn’t the Valentine, they would still be in search of the priest and lovers wouldn’t marry like we did and he also has to say why he was there at night and knowing my Valentine he wouldn’t lie because he was a man of principle and if he can’t lie that means death for both him and me.

How can a man be so loving even to death?

He begged me to leave before the Emperor sees me with him, but I refused to go, I wanted to die with him. Then he started crying, and that’s when I broke, my Valentine was crying, he said the only reason he can face this is knowing I’m still alive that I should please go and I promised to do so.

I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t even kiss him goodbye because that can cause my death. So all I said was “goodbye my valentine, I will love you forever,” then I wailed my way back home.

My Valentine was executed that day, and I was beyond broken because I lost my love.

Do you want to know what hurt me the most? It’s that the priest was later caught some months later because of some people. Why do they detest love?

When I heard the news, it felt like my husband’s death was for nothing, I cried the more because my Valentine was the real hero to the story, he died for the priest, the soon to be wedded couple, and especially me but no one knew his story, but I’m glad you do now.

Do me a favour, promise me you will tell my husband’s story to others, don’t let his death be a waste because he was the real hero.


February 14th, valentine day, a day full of love, giggles and loads of gift. I’m sure you are prepared for the day already, I’m talking to both the couples and the singles, yes single I’m sure you have planned how to enjoy your day already.

But I’m not here to discuss the lovey-dovey day; I’m here to talk about the remaining 364 days of the year when it isn’t valentine.

It’s a usual tradition on that day to take your partner out, or give a gift, or show any form of love, but my question if not February 14th do you still show this love. Do you say I love you, do you get a surprise or take them out.

If you’re a YES well I’m so proud of you guys and hope it isn’t one-sided, but if your case is a NO and the only day you remember to show love is on special days, then we need to talk.


Okay so I’m not going to condemn you just because you didn’t do those things, but I want to say it is important, not only is it a beautiful thing it also helps the relationship grow.

It doesn’t always have to be a gift don’t kill yourself, you could write an epistle, make dinner, do something sweet once in a while, don’t let it only be valentine or birthdays or anniversaries.

Do you want to know a fantastic thing, because of the small gestures once in a while during those valentines you don’t have to throw something massive all the time because it is a normal thing in the relationship, you can decide to stay home and relax together.

This isn’t going to be a long talk, I’m not going to tell you how to express love, but I hope you put this in thoughts.


Being a mother is an uncover job full of a thousand duties. If mothers were to be paid according to their work they would be millionaires by now, if you don’t believe let me show you.

8Health care provider₦60,000
9Finance manager₦150,000
10Event planner₦100,000
13Police/watch guard₦50,000

These are just a few of the thousand jobs they do and about the prices, they were according to my research, but prices vary in different places. But as good as mothers work, I believe those prices are not worth the job they do every day and night.

So dear mothers, we promise we will try our best we will be everything you wanted for us and when you get old, and its time for us to spoil you we will give you the whole world.

For the times we might have fought and quarrelled about the little things, it’s the hormones really, we never mean to hurt you but we did, and for that we are sorry.

Again we are truly sorry for our teenage moment, I don’t know how you stay calm and still love us in those teenage moments, but you did.

A mother’s love is unconditional; sometimes, I never do understand it. I often look at my mother and wonder where those this love come from because mothers can do anything.

So our amazing superwomen, you show us daughters what strength and love mean everyday and show the sons examples of a wife, loving, strong, hardworking and so much more.

I could go on about mothers, but I end here today because I don’t believe in long articles. We love you mothers with everything.

To those deadbeat mothers your day is coming, just as I wrote for loving mothers, Ill also write for you don’t worry how can I forget you. We still love you.


This message is to all the fathers out there, to all the head of the home.
It’s time we finally appreciate you as you deserve; a father responsibility is a task, we never see the process, but we see its outcome. When they head to work to provide for the family, the work done is never seen but only the money we see as proof.
You are examples to your daughters of who a man should be like; you treat your wife with love and compassion and groom your children in the right ways. Although the world praises the mothers mostly, we forget to give you that same praise.
I remember a day I sat down and wondered if I could count all my school fees and all the clothes, the food, and so much more that my father has provided he could have been a million, but he decided to spend that money on his children, now that’s a father. A father’s love for his family is unconditional.
Even emotional base we forget about you, like I always say men have feelings too. I get that fathers tend to work mostly all day and the children mostly go to their mothers when it comes to emotions but dear fathers even though we might not cry to you first or show you our emotions at times with all our hearts you are our heroes.
Believe it or not, we work hard in our studies or work because we want a better life to give you what you gave us.
As I said earlier, we daughters look to you of who a man should be, hardworking, kind, giving, loving to his wife and children, etc. We look for those qualities in a man because you have shown us that’s what a man should be.
How will I forget the sons, all they want is to be like you or even a better version. You’re their models. They learn the qualities and responsibilities of a man from you.
I think I’ll end my letters to the fathers soon, but all fathers reading this you might not hear it often, but we appreciate and love you.

If you are not a father and just read this, tell your father or husband what an incredible person he is and how much you love him.
Also, to those deadbeat fathers, I will try my best and hold my words, but I have a letter for you, so stay posted.


Have you ever had a rebound before? Have you gotten into a relationship just for the sake of getting over your ex? Look at Jess story if it relates with yours.

Jess will you be my girlfriend he asked shyly awaiting an answer. Jess looked him in the eye wondering if she could say yes knowing the truth and, at the moment, she thought, and her words came out, “Paul, I can’t”.

Paul looking confused and asked why then Jess began to speak, “it’s because I know you ain’t over her, I don’t want to be dating you knowing you still think of her and you will begin to compare both of us.

You will keep telling yourself you love me more which isn’t true and when we mistakenly bump to her, you were trying to make her feel jealous because you have feelings for her.  

I see the way you look at her Paul, that’s not a look when you’re over someone, and imagine you guys reconcile wouldn’t you want to get back with her. If I’m lying correct me, tell me it’s not true because I see the signs every time and I try to tell myself otherwise, Paul looked at her but couldn’t say a word.

Tears began running down her face because she wished deep down that she wrong, but he just looked at her without denying a single thing. So, she continued and said “sincerely I don’t want to be your rebound or your second choice when you get over her, and you’re sure about us then I’ll be your girlfriend.

“But Jess, I love…” Paul said in a whisper, but Jess cut him off before he could complete his words. “I’m not sure you even believe those words yourself”, and she walked away. Paul stood there because every word she said was true and he couldn’t chase her because she was right nothing he said could change things.

Who are you in this story? Are you Jess who knows she isn’t the one in the heart of someone she loves or are you Paul who still loves his ex but want to be in a relationship with someone that he is not sure he loves?

If you’re Jess in this story, be as bold as she was and ask, even though she knew it would hurt, she still did it and walked away, follow her example. But if you’re Paul well I have a word or two for you, instead of jumping into another relationship heal, try to get over your ex.

A rebound hardly works and even if it does it take time for you to love the person you’re with, and that’s not fair to either you or the person. Heal, take all the time you need, don’t try to get back at your ex or go into another relationship to feel loved. It’s very unhealthy, so make the right decision and leave, yes it might hurt but its better than pretending to love them.

Once you are out of it, do the next step “getting over your ex”, hard but I know you can do it. Now stay posted because that is what is next and I’ll help you through it.


A friend is a common word with different definition. We surround ourselves with people and call them friends, but we hardly know the ones who are worth the name “friend”.  Knowing who your friend are is essential, so we going to do something simple we are going to know who are actually our friends, follow these instructions its time we know our friends

First, pick up a pen and paper. Write your contacts names or simply write down the names of those you call your friend

 Now think and answer these questions:

1. How many help you grow either academically, spiritually, career-wise, etc. Do they try to push you to read and get good grades, do they pray with you, or try to push you further in your career? Just think of those that want you to grow or be better?

2. How many ask where you are heading, do they inspire you, motivate you, or encourage you to never give up on what you are doing.

3. To those who waste your time, when they come around, is the only thing they do is gossip and mock people, or do they spend time on social media or watch television all the time.

Proverbs 18:24 (AMP)

Don’t get me wrong, going to social media and watching tv isn’t wrong, but if all they do is that without at least asking if you have work or assignment to do or worst, they laugh when you want to work or do homework and make you procrastinate then that’s not a friend

4. Don’t think a friend must always be serious because of the questions written, who do you love being around, who knows how to make you smile, who understands you, who can you be yourself with, who do you have most adventures and memories with.

5. It’s one thing to know the right friends surrounding you, it’s another to be a good friend yourself. Now you have realised your friends, do one last thing, write your name down and answer those questions, are you a good friend to your friends.

There are so many questions to ask yourself when looking at your friends’ areas; you know yourself and what you want in a friend; ask yourself those questions, and be true to yourself. 

I hope you know who your friends are and stick with them and just because you realise some of your contact or some people you talk to ain’t your friends doesn’t mean you should stop talking to them.

Be nice to them, still greet them, help them if they need anything, keep showing kindness; they are not monsters because they are not your friends.


   I’m sorry this post just came; it was supposed to be dropped yesterday and to be honest with you, I had the time but was tired and overslept. I’ll keep trying my best and post as scheduled, and for those who don’t know the schedule ill post it also. Hope you love my blog; feel free to comment whatever you think, love you guys.