Being a mother is an uncover job full of a thousand duties. If mothers were to be paid according to their work they would be millionaires by now, if you don’t believe let me show you.

8Health care provider₦60,000
9Finance manager₦150,000
10Event planner₦100,000
13Police/watch guard₦50,000

These are just a few of the thousand jobs they do and about the prices, they were according to my research, but prices vary in different places. But as good as mothers work, I believe those prices are not worth the job they do every day and night.

So dear mothers, we promise we will try our best we will be everything you wanted for us and when you get old, and its time for us to spoil you we will give you the whole world.

For the times we might have fought and quarrelled about the little things, it’s the hormones really, we never mean to hurt you but we did, and for that we are sorry.

Again we are truly sorry for our teenage moment, I don’t know how you stay calm and still love us in those teenage moments, but you did.

A mother’s love is unconditional; sometimes, I never do understand it. I often look at my mother and wonder where those this love come from because mothers can do anything.

So our amazing superwomen, you show us daughters what strength and love mean everyday and show the sons examples of a wife, loving, strong, hardworking and so much more.

I could go on about mothers, but I end here today because I don’t believe in long articles. We love you mothers with everything.

To those deadbeat mothers your day is coming, just as I wrote for loving mothers, Ill also write for you don’t worry how can I forget you. We still love you.


This message is to all the fathers out there, to all the head of the home.
It’s time we finally appreciate you as you deserve; a father responsibility is a task, we never see the process, but we see its outcome. When they head to work to provide for the family, the work done is never seen but only the money we see as proof.
You are examples to your daughters of who a man should be like; you treat your wife with love and compassion and groom your children in the right ways. Although the world praises the mothers mostly, we forget to give you that same praise.
I remember a day I sat down and wondered if I could count all my school fees and all the clothes, the food, and so much more that my father has provided he could have been a million, but he decided to spend that money on his children, now that’s a father. A father’s love for his family is unconditional.
Even emotional base we forget about you, like I always say men have feelings too. I get that fathers tend to work mostly all day and the children mostly go to their mothers when it comes to emotions but dear fathers even though we might not cry to you first or show you our emotions at times with all our hearts you are our heroes.
Believe it or not, we work hard in our studies or work because we want a better life to give you what you gave us.
As I said earlier, we daughters look to you of who a man should be, hardworking, kind, giving, loving to his wife and children, etc. We look for those qualities in a man because you have shown us that’s what a man should be.
How will I forget the sons, all they want is to be like you or even a better version. You’re their models. They learn the qualities and responsibilities of a man from you.
I think I’ll end my letters to the fathers soon, but all fathers reading this you might not hear it often, but we appreciate and love you.

If you are not a father and just read this, tell your father or husband what an incredible person he is and how much you love him.
Also, to those deadbeat fathers, I will try my best and hold my words, but I have a letter for you, so stay posted.