I want to tell you the tale of what happened to my Valentine, his bravery has to be told, and the Emperor’s wickedness needs to be known, but I think he is doing a good job showing it already.

Before I speak of my husband’s death, I would want to share with you our letters we write to each other everyday. He was no monster; his only fault was loving me.

Now this was among the first letters of our trouble days when we learnt of the rule of Emperor Claudia

My dear Emily, Emperor Claudia has enforced a law that restricts me from being with you, he claims we young men need no woman and has banned marriage. He thinks a wife would distract us during our service but my love he doesn’t know my strength is from the thought of you everyday. I now have to serve as a soldier, but before I leave, I know a man who performs secret ceremonies and I want to know you are mine forever.


My love valentine, I don’t think it’s safe we go on seeing each other. I can’t risk the fact of losing you, Emperor Claudius is a wicked man, and he will have no mercy on you if you get caught for disobeying him. I am not worth this; I can’t watch you die.


Your heart is so kind-hearted and sweet, that is why I love you more each passing day. You don’t need to worry about my death because it wouldn’t happen, I’ll be by your side till we get old. We wouldn’t get caught because we send letters secretly each day and meet at the hours when everyone sleeps. Your only worry should be what to wear for the ceremony.


Days passed and it was a day before the ceremony, just like always my Valentine would have written me a letter by now and left it under a plank in a location I best keep a secret, but I haven’t heard from him.

Was he too scared to marry me, maybe he was caught on the way, the thoughts killed me.

I went back to the location to check again, on my way I was dragged by a hand to a dark corner and I saw him, my Valentine. He told me he had to see me before the ceremony. He took the risk to see me during the day just to encourage me everything would be fine.

As long as I was concerned, no man was as brave as my Valentine. We didn’t meet till the day of the ceremony, but we never forgot to send letters. Later at night, we did our usual ritual.

My dear Emily, tomorrow you will finally be mine forever and I will be the luckiest man in the town. If not for the rules I would have shouted your name out loud and made it known to everyone in town that you are mine. Oh, how I can’t wait to call you my wife. I know how much you wanted the ceremony in the church, so I found a way to make it possible. At 11 pm, meet me at the St. Michael catholic church in the basement, the priest will be there.


Oh, my courageous love, I can’t wait to call you mine too. I will wear a simple white dress, it is still sad I can’t wear a wedding dress, but it doesn’t matter when the man I am getting married to is you.


At 11 pm I got dressed and wore a coat to cover my dress and avoid suspicion. I went down the basement of the chapel and saw my Valentine, as dashing as ever. The priest was also there, so we had no time to waste and hurried to finish the ceremony to have time to ourselves before the sunrises.

I will cut the story short because it’s a brief tale. We planned to leave that forsaken town a week after if only we knew what will happen next we would have gone immediately we said: “I do”.

Five days after the ceremony, my husband was arrested, how I found out wasn’t pleasing. I went in search of food and saw people gathered around, I asked what was happening, and a man told me “the priest that marries lovers secretly has been caught”.

I was sad because he married my Valentine and me. I went forward to say my last thank you, only to see my Valentine on the stocks awaiting his execution.

I began to cry and knelt before him and asked what happened, he told me that the priest that wedded us is also named “Valentine“. I wasn’t shocked because Valentine was a common name around here that’s why I always say “my valentine” but even at that what happened, why the mix-up.

He told me someone saw him go into chapel one night, which I knew was the day we wedded and later reported to the Emperor. I was angry, and the tear kept flowing then I asked him “Why would some do this, why didn’t he say he wasn’t the one,” my thoughts kept racing.

You wouldn’t believe what my husband told me. He said he was protecting the priest and also me.

If he said he wasn’t the Valentine, they would still be in search of the priest and lovers wouldn’t marry like we did and he also has to say why he was there at night and knowing my Valentine he wouldn’t lie because he was a man of principle and if he can’t lie that means death for both him and me.

How can a man be so loving even to death?

He begged me to leave before the Emperor sees me with him, but I refused to go, I wanted to die with him. Then he started crying, and that’s when I broke, my Valentine was crying, he said the only reason he can face this is knowing I’m still alive that I should please go and I promised to do so.

I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t even kiss him goodbye because that can cause my death. So all I said was “goodbye my valentine, I will love you forever,” then I wailed my way back home.

My Valentine was executed that day, and I was beyond broken because I lost my love.

Do you want to know what hurt me the most? It’s that the priest was later caught some months later because of some people. Why do they detest love?

When I heard the news, it felt like my husband’s death was for nothing, I cried the more because my Valentine was the real hero to the story, he died for the priest, the soon to be wedded couple, and especially me but no one knew his story, but I’m glad you do now.

Do me a favour, promise me you will tell my husband’s story to others, don’t let his death be a waste because he was the real hero.


February 14th, valentine day, a day full of love, giggles and loads of gift. I’m sure you are prepared for the day already, I’m talking to both the couples and the singles, yes single I’m sure you have planned how to enjoy your day already.

But I’m not here to discuss the lovey-dovey day; I’m here to talk about the remaining 364 days of the year when it isn’t valentine.

It’s a usual tradition on that day to take your partner out, or give a gift, or show any form of love, but my question if not February 14th do you still show this love. Do you say I love you, do you get a surprise or take them out.

If you’re a YES well I’m so proud of you guys and hope it isn’t one-sided, but if your case is a NO and the only day you remember to show love is on special days, then we need to talk.


Okay so I’m not going to condemn you just because you didn’t do those things, but I want to say it is important, not only is it a beautiful thing it also helps the relationship grow.

It doesn’t always have to be a gift don’t kill yourself, you could write an epistle, make dinner, do something sweet once in a while, don’t let it only be valentine or birthdays or anniversaries.

Do you want to know a fantastic thing, because of the small gestures once in a while during those valentines you don’t have to throw something massive all the time because it is a normal thing in the relationship, you can decide to stay home and relax together.

This isn’t going to be a long talk, I’m not going to tell you how to express love, but I hope you put this in thoughts.


New year resolution is a regular we make to ourselves before the new year begins either to be a better person or to accomplish a goal or the other

I believe in new year resolution; I know it might sound cliché because it is a common term you hear at the beginning of the year or someone ask you about yours. But as cliché as it may sound, we all have new year resolution whether we don’t put it under the term ‘new year resolution’ or not.

Before a new year begin we all have something we want to accomplish or do better in the coming new year. Maybe you haven’t been putting effort in your work or studies, or you weren’t nice to people much in the previous year you decide to be better this year.

Now we have the resolution in our hearts, it’s important to write it down. Don’t let it just stay inside of you, write it down, think of the step you need to accomplish the goal.

So I’ll tell you about my new resolution, well first I want to grow my spiritual life by spending my morning with God, then I decided to be waking up early so I choose by 4, if you ask me I am still getting used to it because sometimes I wake up by 4 and just fall back but I’m getting there.

Another of my resolution to improve better in school so I’m reading for school or at least revising everyday except Saturday and Sundays. Also to engage more and gain my followers on my blog and also prepare ahead, so I plan to be online a lot to engage and also I plan to create my content for a week or month ahead. Also to be nicer in my bad periods, I get irritated easily and my thoughts at that moment just seem to come out so I,m trying to be nicer in my bad moods.

Well before I spend all my time on myself, those are the ones I’ll share today. An important thing about new year resolutions is sticking to it, once it’s June or it might even reach December before we realise that we had a goal.

To stick to the resolution you need to tell everyone close to you about it, they are there to remind you about it. Also set a reminder either your goal was to exercise every morning or read in the afternoon, set the time either on an alarm clock or your phone.

So this year decide to be among those that will accomplish their goals this year and by the time the year ends all you will do is smile about afar you pushed through and made it.

Sometimes we might need our friends to show us what we need to make as our resolution


2020 has been one heck of a year, a year we will look back to one day and laugh. Due to the pandemic, many things have happened both good and bad. I witnessed a lot of panics, the fear in people eyes either for themselves or their love ones, the pandemic was the biggest hit for the world but even with the pandemic what hurt me the most was the issues going on with countries like(Nigeria endsars, …) why add to the pain.

But do you know what beautiful people with pain, fear, and everything, we made it, we saw 2021. I want you to say to yourself and say “this year is going to be much better.”

Even with all that happened this year helped too, it gave us time for everything. We read a book, we did seld developed, we git to see who are real friends are, we spent time with family and so much more amazing things we did.

Let’s remember that 2020 grew us, made us better and stronger but I wouldn’t forget those that lost someone or thing last year and entered this new year with hurt or pain, well my dear honeybuns one day it will be okay, you hear me, everything will be okay.

Just stick with God and set goals for this year and with time, it will be alright.

So welcome to 2021 my honeybuns this year has many great things for us, now take a piece of paper or a book and reflect on last year and write down what you’re grateful for. Also, meet those people that you’re grateful for and tell them.

So let me tell you what I’m grateful for, well I’m grateful to God for keeping me and my family and friends, even for my mental health because it was a real battle last year. However, it still got better, and I’m also grateful for the time I had to start new things like my blog and self-development.

 So finally we in 2021 next stop 2022 but let’s make this 2021 a beautiful year. Don’t forget to share at the comment with what you’re grateful for can’t wait to read them.


It’s Christmas season, and you still haven’t gotten your love a gift because you have no idea what, well I got you covered. These are five unique Christmas gifts to surprise her with:


      Surprise her with your cooking, go ahead into the kitchen and make her favourite meal. Now don’t call anyone to do it for you if you don’t know how to prepare the dish go online for help and follow the recipe give or call a friend to tell you the steps to cook it. Just make it yourself that matters.


     Ok, so lets set the place up, switch off the light, get some drinks and her favourite snacks and don’t forget the popcorn. What’s her best movie or what kind of movie does she like, get it and cuddle up together and watch it. Most importantly sleep before the movie night, giving her your time and love is everything.


      Make a playlist for her, either from all the songs you two have memories with or just the type of songs or artist she loves and play it to surprise her.


       Walk her through the journey where it all began with the both of you through pictures and videos. Take her through memory lane and laugh at the good old times.


       It is important to say those words in your heart, give her that speech, those feelings that come up every time you see her. Tell her how much you love her, express it and you could write it down to say it.


It’s Christmas time and a period we wonder what to get for the one we love either our boyfriend, husband, etc. Finding the right Christmas gift is usually hard, thinking of his personality, the cost, and so much more, don’t worry I got you covered. These are unique gift ideas you could get for him this Christmas:

1. A spa day

Men tend to be busy with work and hardly find the time to relax, so why not give them a spa day. Don’t be mistaken I didn’t say go to a spa I mean bring the spa to your home, be creative.

Now if you need help, follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure it is at evening/night time
  • Set the tone from the bedroom to the bathroom, buy some candles, put on some music,  get a fragrance or an air freshener to give a lovely scent. You could do anything that comes to your mind.
  • Set the bathtub ready, or just a shower could do.
  • Do manicure and pedicure; this is optional
  • Most importantly give him a good massage

  In the process, please don’t be too serious, have fun, play around, dance to the music together while you’re at it.

2. Go out

Now I don’t mean only dinner like I said earlier everyone has their personality. So if your man is the classy type then go out for dinner, if he is the athletic type, compete with him in whatever sport he plays to have fun, you could go to the stadium or field. If he is the geeky type, then play games with him and have a match to add to the fun you could go to the arcade.

“What if he isn’t the outdoor type?” Well, everything mentioned can also be done indoors.

3. Say your vows

Words mean so much that we think. Write down what you feel about him, pour out those words in paper and read it to him, and if you could do without writing, then say it. Most times, we forget to say those words due to a busy schedule, but you could finally tell them. Words go a long way.

4. A photo album

   From when it all started to now. Print out those photos; you could put them in an album or use a photo clips string light which fit the Christmas spirit and hang it anywhere. For a lower budget, do a slide show with background music.

5. Yourself

You read it right, give him yourself for Christmas. Be the genie for the day, devote your time, ask him what he needs and you’ll be there. Sacrifice, time and love say a lot.


I am proud
Proud of where I come from
Proud of the colour of my skin
Proud of those who raised me
Proud of the clan I belong to
I embrace my culture
I feast on delicacies cooked by the women of the culture
I dance to the beat of the drums
And sing along to every song and rhymes
I hear the stories of our ancestors
Of the people who made these possible
They are true heroes
They fought till we were free
People mock and shame my culture
But these land is a united fort (Check that out)
Where do I belong you may ask
Who are my people
Well I am a Nigerian
From the clan of a great nation
I beat my cheat and make a boost
For I know where I am from
This is my pride