These three words always get me upset, but to an extent it is true, so I can’t complain. My mother always told me the exact words every time I am making my hair and complaining that it hurt; she would “Beauty is pain”, but then who beauty help. So no matter the tears, I was … Continue reading BEAUTY IS PAIN


Hey beautiful ladies, I am here to talk about our survival kit, What is a lady survival kit? There are essential equipment that a lady needs in their purse to survive in an emergency. There are lifesavers and we often tend not to have them in our purse which I suggest a change from now … Continue reading EVERY LADY SURVIVAL KIT


February 14th, valentine day, a day full of love, giggles and loads of gift. I’m sure you are prepared for the day already, I’m talking to both the couples and the singles, yes single I’m sure you have planned how to enjoy your day already. But I’m not here to discuss the lovey-dovey day; I’m … Continue reading IF NOT FEBRUARY 14TH


There was a time that I once thought living healthy was a scam, the whole eating vegetable, fruits and eating less, what could I gain from that I thought. Until all of a sudden, I found myself obese at the age of 18, even then I still didn’t care “bring on the food it can’t … Continue reading HEALTHY LIFESTYLE


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