About me

You know that moment you meet someone for the first time and your asked “tell me about yourself”, well I’m not a fan of that because of I start thinking “where do I start from or who am I?”

Well with much thinking let me introduce myself.


My code name is sugarplum. I’m an average girl whose ambivert and still a student who really can’t wait to finish. I’m a Christian, I love God, my family and friends so much. I’ll say I’m unique because I’m a case you can’t solve. My favourite colour is pink (lol I think you already guessed that), I’m a classy foodie (Yh there’s something like that).


Singing, designing, cooking, reading books, playing games, dancing and writing.


. I love to cook alone; it bugs me if someone is cooking with me

. I have an obsession with the mirror, the colour pink and weddings.

. I love all things classy things like dresses, weddings, etc

. I’m afraid of chickens (Yh I said it, CHICKENS)

. I love pretty journals and I don’t ply with mine

. I’ll stop here, read my blog to know more


. I’m lifestyle blogger

. I started this blog to express myself and my thoughts

. During exams and test, I might not be able to post

. All my followers are my honeybuns, I love you guys and seeing your comments make me super happy

So, I think that sums up everything. If you have any questions about me be free to ask and I would also love to know you guys too, email me and let’s see if we have one or two things in common.