Dear viewers,

It is of great delight to introduce you to my rebranded blog. It has been two weeks of work and I will be honest with you that redesigning a website is not easy. I had constant struggles and at one point I was stuck on something that didn’t let me move forward and it hit me, “why stay stuck in one position instead of moving forward.”

Through the lens is a world-changing and lifestyle blog that focuses on our personal envisioned goal called “Towards a better mindset” (mindset growth).

It was started to build and change the perspective and mindset, allowing people to see a clear vision and also beyond their vision for a change of thinking to create a better tomorrow.

In making the world a better place, we believe the mind is our first target and our blog focus on changing one’s perspective in order to grow the mind.

The mind is called the greatest asset of an individual and once the mindset is changed or improved, new habits and a change of living begins.

During this week I learned a lot of lessons:

These are blogging tips that will help you overcome your fear and begin your journey as the successful blogger and amazing content creator that you are.


I always thought there will be a perfect time, maybe I should keep brushing my skills or wait till I am done with school maybe by that time everything will be perfect. Honestly, it’s not true those are voices trying to stop you from doing something amazing. You will grow in the process so don’t worry about if you are good enough or not. START NOW!!! Do something about the skills and talents given to you, don’t be like the third servant who tug up his talent waiting for his master and didn’t gain anything like the rest.

Like Nike will say “JUST DO IT.” That’s why I am so in love with Nike’s campaign and advertisement because it pushes you.

Starting is scary and one can count more reasons not to start than to start but let me tell you something, once you do start, you will be proud of yourself, and you will grow.


Someone will say “I need a lot of money to start,” I thought like that too I had to pay for my blog and it will be much better and honestly didn’t have the funds, so I will have to wait to save and let me tell you, it would have taken months. If you have the funds and that is amazing you can start but if you’re a student like me or need months to get the pay you deserve to get your blog upgraded or business started then STOP, SIT and THINK of the most creative way you can start what every idea you have in mind.

Money should not stop you from starting. God has given us all creative minds, think of another way around whatever you want to start. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t say you wouldn’t need money, I mean you should start creatively but still be saving for the next step.


I have been around different kinds of people, when I first mentioned to some people about starting a blog the replies were beyond discouraging. At one point I wanted to back down because I thought I wasn’t good enough but I had to be my own cheerleader.

We all know the kind of friends we have, some are critics in nature and some are supporters, both categories are good because the critics help crosscheck your work and make you better. However, you will need the supporters in your journey.

Negative energy and people bring down the spirit and whatever motivation you would have given yourself to start. Starting isn’t easy but you can do it.

Keynote: believe in yourself first


Whether you want to start a business, be a content creator, or work in a company planning needs to come into place. The first things you need to plan and write down are your vision, mission, goals, values, strategies, tactics and many others. You need to first plan the foundation of what you want to do in order to know where you’re going.

Get a to-do list note, plan your day ahead, and before you go to sleep write down what you plan to do the next day because I will tell you from experience, that there are distractions everywhere and sometimes you just forget which leads me to my next point.


It might seem so little but I will tell you for a fact your brain can’t keep that information all the time. Every content creator or writer are aware of those moments an idea comes to mind and sometimes if not jotted down you will forget that amazing idea in your head.

So to make it easy buy a little note, you could even use your device to jot down, just don’t let that idea slip away.

Make them your sidekick.

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