2020 has been one heck of a year, a year we will look back to one day and laugh. Due to the pandemic, many things have happened both good and bad. I witnessed a lot of panics, the fear in people eyes either for themselves or their love ones, the pandemic was the biggest hit for the world but even with the pandemic what hurt me the most was the issues going on with countries like(Nigeria endsars, …) why add to the pain.

But do you know what beautiful people with pain, fear, and everything, we made it, we saw 2021. I want you to say to yourself and say “this year is going to be much better.”

Even with all that happened this year helped too, it gave us time for everything. We read a book, we did seld developed, we git to see who are real friends are, we spent time with family and so much more amazing things we did.

Let’s remember that 2020 grew us, made us better and stronger but I wouldn’t forget those that lost someone or thing last year and entered this new year with hurt or pain, well my dear honeybuns one day it will be okay, you hear me, everything will be okay.

Just stick with God and set goals for this year and with time, it will be alright.

So welcome to 2021 my honeybuns this year has many great things for us, now take a piece of paper or a book and reflect on last year and write down what you’re grateful for. Also, meet those people that you’re grateful for and tell them.

So let me tell you what I’m grateful for, well I’m grateful to God for keeping me and my family and friends, even for my mental health because it was a real battle last year. However, it still got better, and I’m also grateful for the time I had to start new things like my blog and self-development.

 So finally we in 2021 next stop 2022 but let’s make this 2021 a beautiful year. Don’t forget to share at the comment with what you’re grateful for can’t wait to read them.


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