In one of my previous post “The Rebound,” I said I’d write about how to get over your ex. Well, that’s a whole healing process, and there is something you need to know, it takes time. Your not magically going to forget the memories or stop feeling the pain in a week or a month and for some people it takes a long time like maybe a year or more.

It’s going to hurt when you see them, you will go through the pictures and memories with tears, people will keep asking you what went wrong but the pain may not allow you to say it because it might end in tears, but it’s good to feel the pain, cry out, punch your pillow, do whatever you think, its all part of the healing process.

So I realised I have written about this or similar in a previous post of mine, so I am not going to write today I’ll just put the post below and hopes it helps.

How to get over your ex

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