Read every word carefully and follow my instructions.

Go to a mirror, look carefully and tell me what you see, how do you feel about the person you see. Are all the thoughts flowing right now negative or you are happy and optimistic about the person you see? Well if its positive thoughts I’m so glad you are happy about the person you saw but if you looked at the mirror and all saw were flaws, imperfections, etc, let’s start again. Follow me; I want to show you something, look at the mirror again and say these words

 1. I look beautiful 
 2. I am strong. I can overcome this
 3. I can do it. I will not give up
 4. I will not try to be anyone else. Being me is enough.
 5. I am amazing
 6. I can do anything  

Loving oneself is hard at times; you might see flaws or hear so many negative statements from people but don’t let anything get to you, don’t let it make you feel less about yourself. You are amazing! Tell yourself that, believe it and you will see no one can make you feel less about yourself anymore. Confident in loving yourself carries a whole level of beauty, so my dear honeybun, wear that confidence and never take it off. Love your perfection and your flaws, love everything that makes you, you. So keep going to the mirror daily until you believe every word you have said until you finally love yourself.

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