A friend is a common word with different definition. We surround ourselves with people and call them friends, but we hardly know the ones who are worth the name “friend”.  Knowing who your friend are is essential, so we going to do something simple we are going to know who are actually our friends, follow these instructions its time we know our friends

First, pick up a pen and paper. Write your contacts names or simply write down the names of those you call your friend

 Now think and answer these questions:

1. How many help you grow either academically, spiritually, career-wise, etc. Do they try to push you to read and get good grades, do they pray with you, or try to push you further in your career? Just think of those that want you to grow or be better?

2. How many ask where you are heading, do they inspire you, motivate you, or encourage you to never give up on what you are doing.

3. To those who waste your time, when they come around, is the only thing they do is gossip and mock people, or do they spend time on social media or watch television all the time.

Proverbs 18:24 (AMP)

Don’t get me wrong, going to social media and watching tv isn’t wrong, but if all they do is that without at least asking if you have work or assignment to do or worst, they laugh when you want to work or do homework and make you procrastinate then that’s not a friend

4. Don’t think a friend must always be serious because of the questions written, who do you love being around, who knows how to make you smile, who understands you, who can you be yourself with, who do you have most adventures and memories with.

5. It’s one thing to know the right friends surrounding you, it’s another to be a good friend yourself. Now you have realised your friends, do one last thing, write your name down and answer those questions, are you a good friend to your friends.

There are so many questions to ask yourself when looking at your friends’ areas; you know yourself and what you want in a friend; ask yourself those questions, and be true to yourself. 

I hope you know who your friends are and stick with them and just because you realise some of your contact or some people you talk to ain’t your friends doesn’t mean you should stop talking to them.

Be nice to them, still greet them, help them if they need anything, keep showing kindness; they are not monsters because they are not your friends.


ย ย  I’m sorry this post just came; it was supposed to be dropped yesterday and to be honest with you, I had the time but was tired and overslept. I’ll keep trying my best and post as scheduled, and for those who don’t know the schedule ill post it also. Hope you love my blog; feel free to comment whatever you think, love you guys.

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