Don’t forget to grab a tissue

Well, guys, it’s time to cry your heart out. You know those times you feel heartbroken or just in need of some love, well I’m bringing you some romantic movies that can cause your heart to melt. Crying is a good thing; we have to let our emotions out once in a while because holding everything isn’t always good for your health.

So, before you begin to watch these movies, there are some rules:

1. Don’t do anything else; only focus on the film.

2. Don’t forget to switch off the light; it always set the mood.

3. Open your heart

4. Most importantly grab some tissues, you’ll need it.

Here are our picks:

1. Irreplaceable you

Abbie is diagnosed with cancer, knowing she will soon go, she is determined to find a new love for her fiancé and soulmate Sam. This movie is a real tear-jerker, just imagining trying to find a new love for your partner just because you’ll soon go. That’s love at its peak.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon.

2. The fault in our stars

Meet Hazel Grace, who has cancer and live in her sad world until she meets Augustus, who shows her life is worth living even if you don’t live long. I believe this movie has a message, and it’s a movie worth watching to learn that message and also cry. Promise me you will watch it “Okay“.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, HBO.

3. A walk to remember

He agreed not to fall in love with her, but why would he, he thought to himself, she was in a low class, had a weird sense of fashion, and so much more. Still love has a way of crawling in; this is Landon and Jamie’s love story.

Where to watch: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon.

4. Me before you

Louisa Clark just lost her job, and she’s left with only one work, that is taking care of Will Traynor, the hateful man who got paralyzed after an accident. This movie is an emotional roller coaster, so get ready to cry.

Where to watch: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon.

5. Five feet apart

Even five feet couldn’t keep them for loving. Teen romance is just so beautiful but not always the ending you want it to be. Meet Stella and Will, who lived their adventure in a hospital and lived it so happily.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon.

6. Adrift

This is one movie that you wouldn’t see the end coming. Trapped in a horrible hurricane, Tami and Richard try to find a way to survive. With so much misfortune and fear, their love is the only thing keeping them going.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon.

7. La La Land

Is your dream greater than the love you have? Sebastian and Mia are put to the test through their troubles in fulfilling their dreams which they both work so hard to achieve.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu.

8. If I stay

In coma wondering, if the person you love will ever wake up. Adam is faced with this difficulty as his love is laying down fighting for her life. Will Mia ever wake up, find out.

Where to watch: Amazon, Hulu.

9. Up

Who said animations couldn’t be romantic? Carl still in pain of losing the love of his life, his wife, Ellie, was encouraged by a young boy, Russell to fulfil the promise he made to his wife.

Where to watch: Disney+, Amazon.

10. About time

Given the ability to time travel, what will you use it for? Well, Tim Lake used his extraordinary ability to chase his love, Mary, but he had some troubles along the way.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu.

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