5 Instagram Comic Illustrators that will make your day

Hey Hon buns, so guess what it is Friday Funday. I dedicated every Friday to give a form of entertainment, something to keep you company either movies to watch, novels to read, or even comics. So don’t miss any Friday posts. Well, today is about comics and I really do think people should be reading them more, just to relieve stress or for laughs and so much more. I really do admire comic illustrators because it is amazing what they do and they are really talented. So I’m sharing some of the comics I read on Instagram and totally will recommend to anyone, hope you enjoy it. I will also love to hear the comics you read, just drop them at the comment sections.

  1. TAG COMICS / @tag comics

I love this comic so much, it is an African comic, so many amazing people work on it. It is so relatable, I find myself in the comic, it has humor. If you just need a good laugh just follow them and scroll down and begin to enjoy your time in it. So many stories to get read in this particular comic and when you check it out tell me your favourite character.

2. THE GOOD ADVICE CUPCAKE @thegoodadvicecupcake

Cutest cupcake ever! This is where to get only positive vibes! There is so much joy, happiness, kindness, it’s like a rainbow in this comic and I totally love it because it is not every time you will be happy or maybe you had a bad day or you just feel down about yourself. Well, I recommend you start following this comic because everything will just change. I really love the person or team behind this for spreading so much love daily and making people feel special about themselves. So what are you waiting for guys go check it out.

3. HUBMAN AND CHUBGIRL @hubman.chubgirl

I love these couples and also firstly want to congratulate them on their baby, Floobie. Hubman and chubgirl adventures is really cute, full of love and it is so amazing what they just do. The comic is a chilled and relaxing one filled with laughs and entertainment, hope you enjoy it.

4. THE POTATO COUPLE @thepotatocouple

Cuteness at its peak! If you are in need of a heart melting comic you are in the right place. This comic soften your heart and make you just want to fall in love, their adventures are the cuteness and i totally love them, hope you do too. Before i forget the graphics are so cute.

5. SAM @samtheartkid

This is a casual and cool comic for relaxation and entertainment. Sam’s adventures are practically his thoughts in drawngs and it is really student related. Go take a look and enjoy your time there and let me not forget i am a huge fan of his illustrations, he is really talented. Tell me what you think at the comments.

First apologises for the late post been busy with school. I really hope you guys like it and also if you have any other comic you could recommended and comment.

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