Virginity is still a trend

“They have forgotten their morals, the values

They hold their flower and with their hands

But crush it instead of holding it tight

Closing their ears to the wisdom of the old

They forget their home training

They forget their mother words

Your virginity should be secured”, they were told

But now they choose to follow the crowd

Corrupting their thoughts with the words of a friend

Corrupting their eyes with the nakedness of the screen

And opening their bodies for display.

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 (NLT)

Generations has fallen   

They destroy their bodies and tie their souls unknowingly

They forget the word of the Lord

And leave a mess in the temple where He dwells

They put Him off his throne in their heart

And crown pleasure their king

O future generation

Do not be deceived by the people

Do not let the world lie to you

Hear me out loud

Secure the bag

Hold your flower

Being a virgin doesn’t make you less a teen or an adult

I speak not only to the ladies

For it is presumed to the world to all the female

I also speak to the males

Wait till marriage

Virginity is still a trend”.


I believe this issue is getting worst each day, people losing their virginity and they don’t see the value especially the case of the teenagers. I know you want to fulfill your desire but you have control over your flesh, don’t let your flesh control you. All you need is the Holy Spirit.

Well, there are those whose virginity has already been taken away either willingly, by force, or even some that are just lost and tired of failed love and chose to take this path, it’s okay it’s not over for you, stay tuned for my next post and find hope.

So I really recommend this video for anyone who needs to understand more or those who lost hope about all these things. This video is by one of my pastors , Pastor Michael Todd, a really great man. If you love this video just subscribe to their channel and watch the preachings because it really changes lives. Don’t forget to leave a comment about anything, I hoped this helped.

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