Ever taught about writing to the ones you love
To God, your family, your friends, your best friend, so on
You know the people we love the most are the ones you tease a lot or joke around it
Why not just write a letter to them
I don’t only mean through pen and paper; you can just send them through any social media you want
Tell them how much you love them and mean to them
Tell them you never want them to leave
Just keep reminding them who there are to you
I wrote mine a year ago
I wrote to God, my music, my family, my best friend, friends and my future love
But things has changed now
My first love is God
My 2nd was my music but now my family
My 3rd was my family but things changed
My 4th was my best friend but now I don’t a bf anymore yet but my second half which I love alot
My 5th is my friends and still my friends
My 6th is still my future love for now
Crazy right love grows, love fades and love dies
Just keep writing to your love ones so it wouldn’t die
Or if you ain’t the writing type just tell them
Keep that love burning


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